EV list processor help

From listproc@listproc.sjsu.edu Thu Nov 21 13:53:30 2002
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 10:51:01 PST
From: "SJSU ListProc(tm) Version 8.2" 
Subject: HELP subscribe

Syntax: subscribe  
Syntax: join  
Syntax: subscribe  for  
Syntax: join  for  

        The only way to subscribe to a list. Any extraneous characters in
        your name are removed.

        An initial password will be assigned by the system and will be included
        in the reply message; you should reset this password to something
        memorable to you via a 'set' request. This password will be used
        to provide you with subscriber privileges when connecting to this
        host for live request processing. For more information on this
        issue a 'help live' request.

        If the list allows commands to be executed for alternate address
        then you may provide an alternate address you'd like to be subscribed
        with using the FOR keyword followed by the alternate address and
        name. ListProc will then send that address a cookie which you will
        be required to email back. At that point you will be officially
        subscribed to the list. Notice that a confirmation may be required
        even if you do not subscribe another address (i.e. if you subscribe
        the default way), if the list is set up to do that.

        Here is an example; suppose you keep list mail in separate folders
        of the form myemail+list@mycompany.com and the list requires
        confirmation for subscriptions. You would then send the following
        request to this server from your regular email account (e.g.

            subscribe list-name FOR myemail+list-name@mycompany.com My Name

        Once ListProc replies with confirmation cookie you should reply to
        that message and you then be added to list-name as myemail+list-name
        so that you will be receiving mail at that folder, and you will also
        be able to post to that list from both addresses.

        To find out if a list requires confirmations for subscriptions and
        if it allows alternate addresses in this case send a REVIEW request.

        Finally, some lists may not require you to provide a user name when
        you subscribe; REVIEW will show you that as well.

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