AC Propulsion Inc. price list

Complete Drive Systems

Qty.AC-100 AC-150
1 $30,000$32,500
2-4 $29,500$31,500
5-9 $29,000$31,000
10 $28,000$29,500
50 $19,000$20,500
100 $17,500$19,000

Higher quantities will be quoted upon request. Estimated design cost for ongoing high volume production is $3,000 per system.

Prices include one Power Electronics Unit (PEU), one induction motor, forced air cooling fans for PEU and motor, one set of PEU-to-motor interconnect cables, and one set of connectors which mate with the PEU for battery interface and utility recharge line interface. Also included are the electrical and mechanical interface drawings and installation notes.

Prices do not include freight, insurance, or handling/crating charges.


electric tzero $80,000

The AC Propulsion Electric is an initial demonstration vehicle. It is replaced by the tzero.

Range Extenders

The Long Ranger(tm) is custom order specific to your requirements. Please contact us for configuration and pricing.

Prices may change without notice. Please call for current pricing.

Prices effective 3-24-98.

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