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Previous San Jose Electric Vehicle and Solar Home Tour
Electric Vehicle Video in the making by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Filming EVs in San Jose.
Filming Sparrow EVs at Corbin.
Californians look for energy alternatives 3/27/2001 BBC Article on Solar Electric (PV) and Electric Vehicles!
BAAQMD Clean Air Champion picture
My True Zero Emission Vehicle (TZEV) Toyota RAV4 EV Electric Vehicle and home are powered by the 100% renewable, Zero Emissions Electricity (ZEE) 30kWh/day Solar Electric PV rooftop system. Investment payback in California of 6 years, 12% annual return.
San Jose Mercury News Article Solar Electric (PV) and Electric Vehicles! on page 27A of the print edition Sunday, January 14, 2001 newspaper with photos.

One page, printable list of Electric Vehicle Renewable / Solar energy resources

Electric vehicles / cleaner air

Greenest Vehicles Omits Honda EV+. Note ANY Electric Vehicle powered by 100% Zero Emissions Electricity IS A TRUE Zero Emissions Vehicle (TZEV), except for tire smoke :-), such as my Toyota RAV4 EV which gets all of it's electricity from my 6.2Kw / 30kWh/day Solar Electric (PV) Array. A TZEV is the CLEANEST. The green car data does not take into account all of the upstream emissions involved in the drilling, transportationand refining of gasoline or ZEV electricity. California grid recharged EV is 99% cleaner than a gasoline vehicle. EVs recharged with ZERO emissions electricity is 100% cleaner than gasoline vehicles or any vehicle with emissions. CNG is the next cleanest. Hybrids are much dirtier than CNG though much cleaner than gasoline. Diesel is the worst. Even "Clean / Green Diesel" emits toxic, carcinogenic pollutants that get trapped in our lungs. American Lung Association

Electric Vehicle email discussion list, archive and related resources

Electric Auto Association
Battery information
Charger information
EV charging station information
EV / HOV info currently just Georgia images.
LED lighting information Long life, energy saving
Used EVs
EV Rental Agencies
Investment information
EAA Phoenix Chapter Outstanding resource of EV information and links
David Rezachek EV, alt energy links, etc..
Electric Lawn and Garden tools More pollutant reduction / $ than an EV!
Article (.pdf) on importance of using the right primary fuel for fuel cells.

AC Propulsion Inc
Archive of site I created for AC Propulsion Inc with old info.
Motor controller comparison
US DOE EV America Vehicle test data May be pessimistic in some cases due to testing at consistently high ambient temperatures.
Phil Karn's excellent analysis of CA grid powered EV vs. Gasoline ICE Note the analysis is much easier if your EV is 100% renewable energy powered - TRUE ZERO EMISSIONS! 100% cleaner than a gasoline car!
BAAQMD $5,000/vehicle fleet buy down incentive!

Solar Electric (PV) information
Home Power Magazine EXCELLENT source for alternative energy. Current issue freely downloadable.
CEERT Information about green electricity.
Green Mountain Energy My new renewables power provider.

Hybrids much cleaner than conventional gasoline

More info here when auto manufacturers make grid rechargeable, plug in hybrids available. Plugging your vehicle into the California Electric grid is 99%!! cleaner than a gasoline car from the well to the wheels. Compressed Natural Gas is cleaner than the current Honda Insight and Toyota Prius hybrids. Only Electric and Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles are clean enough to use the HOV carpool diamond lanes with a single occupant under CA AB71.


My Employer Calyx Software

Previous projects

Migration Software Systems, Ltd. SonicWALL! Firewalls! embedded Internet protocol development
Random OpenMarket Internet Publishing System (IPS) notes
Hitachi Implemented search
Hitachi Implemented advanced web scripts, SQL, Content Management
Cisco! Network management software development
Adobe! FrameMaker 5.5 Japanese enabled for SGI
HP-UX online documentation
Oracle online documentation
SGI silicon surf
SGI developer program
SUN online documentation
HP Educator's Corner interactive electrical engineering experiments

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