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Contact the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to get the Inductive paddle adapter for your qualifying inductive EV in Northern Ca.

Temporary conductive standard for converted EVs

Circuit breaker and GFI should be mounted by charging outlet so end user can reset it from nuisance trips. Standard GFIs may trip unnecessarily with some EV chargers due to the noise generated on the power line by the charger.

Who can I call to help plan and install EV charging?

Avcon connector


The Charging Standards
Conductive Inductive (MagneCharge)
Avcon Small paddle
Ford Th!nk City
Ford Ranger EV
Honda EV Plus
Small paddle vehicles: Nissan HyperMini, Toyota RAV4-EV 1999+,
Large paddle vehicles with adapter: (GM EV1 Chevy S10 Electric Nissan Altra EV)
Charging standard selected by CARB
conductive standard
Rejected by CARB
Charge port size and weight are 50% of large paddle. IR communication between charger and car. Transitional chargers support RF+IR. Time of use timer on some models. Too safe?, 50+% higher cost

Obsolete Charging Standards
Conductive Inductive (MagneCharge)
Yazaki ODU Large paddle
Toyota RAV4 EV prototypes Chrysler EPIC minivan Large Paddle vehicles that use this are listed above since they can use the small paddle with an adapter.
Lacks fast charge (level 3) capability! awkward angle, high insertion force, not considered for standard Being phased out for small paddle. RF communication between charger and car which is incompatible with Japanese cellular phones. Time of use timer on some models. Too safe?, 50+% higher cost

New codes based on the 1996 NEC new Article 625 are in effect in some areas of the country, especially California, and spreading to other areas. The net effect will be extra safe EV charging. But for now, the EV manufacturers have not agreed on a common, standard connector. Currently it is the Avcon (Conductive) or small paddle Magnecharge (Inductive).


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