Avcon "Power Pack" kit for conversion EVs to use approved OEM EV Conductive Public Charging

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Subject: AVCON Inlet Drawings

You can now see drawings of the Avcon inlets on Otmar Ebenhoech's Web site:
Avcon Rear Inlet drawing 
Avcon Side Inlet drawing
Avcon Side Mount drawing
Coutesy Otmar Ebenhoech and Electric Vehicle Components Limited: EVCL For those of you who don't know Otmar is the Daddy of the 1/3 MEGAWATT!! Godzilla Controller. He also wishes to die silently like his Grandfather who was asleep at the wheel instead of screaming in terror like his grandfather's passengers! :-) Here's the lastest info on availability of the Power Pak and AVCON inlets: Power Paks will be ready to ship by the end of January. The only holdup has been that Avcon has been waiting for some Underwriters Lab (UL) stickers. The order form is being reproduced again at the end of this posting. The best deal will be for those who wish to form mini-buying groups for group purchases of three Power-Pak/Inlet sets. The price then drops to $250 for the Power Pak and $150 for the Inlet. (A far cry from the $3000 cost talked about earlier on the EV List). Each Inlet comes with a small electronic package which provides the pilot circuit. It consists of two resistors, a cap, a diode and a switch, and is installed between the pilot pin on the inlet and the vehicle chassis ground. The inlets come in three flavors, front, side and rear mount. These designations do not apply to where the inlets are mounted on the car, but rather the locations of the mounting holes on the inlets. The inlets can be mounted under a hinged grill, under a bonnet hood, behind a fuel filler door, or inside a motor or battery compartment. The most convenient location, of course, would be behind a fuel filler door. To see pictures of "refueling" using the Avcon connector, take a look at the EVAOSC website. Warning big graphics. The Power Pak is fully compliant with NEC Article 625 and meets all safety requirements of the Code. You will still have to supply your own on-board 220 VAC charger. The Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging Coalition (EVC3) has gone to great lengths to make this package available to hobbyists and private EV owners at a very reasonable cost, considering the extensive safety features and potential future advantages, including the ability to utilize public charging stations. A very substantial subsidy is involved. Otmar and I feel it's too good a deal to pass up, and we're going to be the first kids on the block to have the system. Of course, there's no great urgency, unless you're into electrical safety (and who shouldn't be!); the offer is good until the end of 1999. And those who have 110 VAC chargers might consider upgrading to 220 VAC plus the Power Pak. Here, once again, is the order form: [Begin order form] ========================================================================= EV POWER PAK ORDER FORM Thank you for your interest in Avcon's Inlet and EV Power Pak. To order, simply fill out the form below, follow the payment instructions, and we'll take care of the rest. DESCRIPTION/PART # QTY PRICE TOTAL EV Power Pak (21' Cable) #AA980202 _____ @$295 each ________ EV Power Pak (16' Cable) #AA980202-16 _____ @$295 each ________ EV Power Pak (12' Cable) #AA980202-12 _____ @$295 each ________ NAEV Level II inlet (Side Mount) #AA9658001 _____ @$175 each ________ NAEV Level II inlet (Front mount) #AA96580041 _____ @$175 each ________ NAEV Level II inlet (Rear mount) #AA985800M150 _____ @$175 each ________ Note: The NAEV Level II inlets are limited to 3 per name/address ====================================================================== SPECIAL OFFER! Purchase 3 EV Power Paks and 3 NAEV Level II inlets for $1200 That's Over $200 in Savings! Make your selection of EV Power Paks and NAEV Level II inlets from the above form. Note: The Power Pak Special Package Offer is limited to 1 per name/address Cost: $1200 ________ ======================================================================= Wisconsin residents - Add 5.8% Sales Tax ________ GRAND TOTAL ________ Note: Certified Check or Money Order will only be accepted. Please make payable to AVCON CORPORATION and mail your payment along with this order form to: AVCON CORPORATION 1935 Ace World Wide Lane Cudahy, Wisconsin 63110 Attn: Kevin Lazerski Shipping and Handling is Included - Allow 3 to 4 Weeks For Delivery COMPANY ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS ______________________________________(P.O. Box not acceptable) CITY _____________________________ STATE ___________ ZIP _____________ CONTACT NAME _________________________________________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS _______________________________________________________ Please Indicate Your EV (Electrical Vehicle) Manufacturer For Any Questions or Inquiries Call 800-433-7642 or FAX: 414-764-3059 AVCON CORPORATION Expiration Date: January 1, 2000 ========================================================================= [End order form] Note: Neither Don McGrath nor Otmar Ebenhoech represents Ford, Avcon, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Volvo, Mazda, Renault or Peugeot. The information and opinions expressed are theirs alone and they are solely responsible for any errors or omissions). ***********************************************================*** | Don McGrath \\ | | Villa Helena Winery O O O O | | St. Helena, CA, USA O O O | | Tel (707)963-4334 O O | | FAX (707)963-4748 "The Grapes of McGrath" O | ******************************************************************