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======== Electric Vehicles (EV) ========
Take Action!
Why? EVs are 99% cleaner on CA electricity from well to wheels.
TZEV TRUE Zero Emissions Vehicles when charged by 100% renewable energy 95% of Californians breathe air state and federal authorities consider unsafe.
HOV lane access for Clean Air Vehicles (EV,CNG) CA AB71
Take action:
Write CA Governor Davis supporting clean air and the ZEV mandate. Switch your lawn and garden tools / gardening service from gasoline to electric. 1 hour of Weed Whacker = 40 hours of car pollution! Switch your household to 100% renewable energy - See below.
Electric Auto Association
San Jose Chapter 408-269-7937 6-9pm
Stanford Rally Biggest Public EV EVent of the year in N. CA
EV Email Discussion List includes links to related EV lists RAV4, Th!nk, EV1, Sparrow, etc. Prius, Insight hybrids
GM EV1 website:
EV1 owner biographies:
OWNER BIO Marvin Rush, OWNER STORIES video Alexandra Paul, Marvin Rush and Richard Cross Celebrity EV1: Ed Begley, Marvin Rush, Ted Dansen, Alexandra Paul, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Kris Trexler...
EV1 club:
Marvin's personally funded, produced EV1 radio ads:
EV World online EV journal:
Toyota's environmental cars:
CALSTART EV catalog, resources
EV Dragsters!!
EV Recharging stations EV Charger News

======== Alternative Energy ========
My 30kWh/day Solar Electric (PV) system ALL the Zero Emissions Electricity for my home and True Zero Emissions Vehicle (TZEV) GM EV1: $4.50/watt buy down + Time Of Use rates <6 year payback!
Home Power Magazine: Download current issue free. Outstanding! EVs also:
Real Goods renewable energy, sustainable living products
Switch to 100% Renewable electrictity, you can pay less than you do now:
My favorite Green Mountain Energy, Green Electric power utility ADDS NEW renewable generation to the grid.
My solar installer: 408-720-0352 Others: Solar roof shingles: