Electric Vehicle Battery Information

Battery university - Get the Coffee! It's an all-nighter.

Flooded lead acid

VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid

Just a fancy way of saying advanced, sealed, starved electrolyte lead acid.

Flywheel - mechanical batteries

Fuel Cells

LIB - Lithium Ion Battery

LPB - Lithium Polymer Battery


NiMh - Nickel Metal Hydride

NaNiCl - Sodium Nickel Chloride

Zebra Battery, in testing with BMW and others... more info soon.

Ni-Zn - Nickel Zinc

Press releases look promising. Very little information or data on this technology at this time.

Silver Hydrogen

Ultra Capacitors

Ultracapacitors with sohpisticated variable voltage DC-DC converters can more efficiently handle the high power requirements of acceleration and regenerative braking. They don't store much energy compared to a battery. Continued development of the converter and ultracapacitors could make them economical to improve battery or fuel cell vehicle efficiencies.

Vanadium Redox

Zn-Air - Zinc Air

Battery pack equalizers / management systems

Essential for long battery life. Required for sealed lead acid batteries.

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