San Jose Electric Vehicle and Solar Home Tour

Date: Saturday, October 5th, 2002
Time: Homes open from 10am to 4pm
Recommended $15 per carload donation to Northern California Solar Energy Association
Mike Thompson
Website: (this page)
408-981-2049 cell w/ voice mail


Self guided tour of San Jose area homes including a True Zero Emission Vehicle (TZEV) GM EV1 Electric Vehicle and home powered by a 7.2kW, 30kWh/day Solar Electric (PV) system which will pay for itself in about 6 years, 12% annualized return on investment.

Note that when the PV system changed to PG& E-7 TOU rates on 6/1/2001 the bidirectional meter was initialized to read 50000 kWh total and 50000 on-peak. As of 9/23/2002, it reads 49946 total and 47230 on-peak. So its generated all the electricity used by the house and the Electric Vehicle and put some back in the grid, especially during the critical on-peak period helping to prevent blackouts!
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EV + PV BAAQMD Clean Air Champion
I've gotten some good press on my system, including this BBC article.

2002 Solar Home Tour

Solar Electric (PV) Information

Electric Vehicle + PV (or other 0 emissions energy) = TZEV

My Solar Electric (PV) System

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Utility intertie / rate information, specifically PG&E

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