11/18/97 - AC Propulsion's Device Shows Hybrid-EV Benefits

San Dimas, Calif. - Electric vehicle (EV) technology-developer AC Propulsion reports it has developed a new product, an emissions-monitoring device it has already used to confirm real-world-driving emissions benefits of hybrid EVs. The laptop computer-based system is capable of real-time readouts of emissions in grams-per-mile measurements. Testing of the company's EV "range extender" - a compact, trailer-mounted 20-kilowatt generator - reveals emissions remain fairly constant, even during aggressive driving. In comparison, a 1998 vehicle certified to California's Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard produced two to four times allowable levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides when driven on a 10-mile course AC Propulsion says more accurately simulates the way "typical" Los Angeles drivers operate their vehicles. Commercial availability of the system is scheduled for the first quarter of 1998. The company, co-founded by the developer of the original power electronics for General Motors' Impact EV, intends to market the device to automotive engineers and perhaps automobile-magazine road-testers.

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