Clean Air aka. HOV lane decals

Secrets: Clean Air Decals in 2 hours!! (Your mileage WILL vary! Exclusions apply...)

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Mailing in application, procedure, form, picture of decal.

The form - REG 1000

CARB's website with list of eligible vehicles

Why the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight cannot obtain a carpool lane sticker.

Mailing applications in is generally the easiest. If you need them
faster then visit one of the two offices with clean air decals.
Going to any other offices will likely be SLOWER than Mailing to the
Special Processsing Unit since the non-decal offices just send it to
Sacramento anyway and often make mistakes that cost time.

If you have registration issues that need to be fixed first, visiting
another office might be worthwhile. Get your registration fixed, and then
MAIL in your application to the Special Processsing Unit.

The San Jose and Los Angeles DMV field offices have the decals on site.
This is confirmed by contacts in the Sacramento DMV. Since I got mine from
San Jose, I can personally confirm that San Jose has them. (They also
have low serial numbers. Mine was in the 800's. By mail I think the serial
numbers are 3000+)

San Jose
111 W. Alma Ave., 95110

Los Angeles
3615 S. Hope St., 90007

General Information
(800) 777-0133

The best thing is to go to the DMV website and look up the office yourself since you'll find hours, maps, holidays, etc. there.
DMV Locations & Hours
For online appointments, click
Online Services

The offices with DMVQ are most convenient since you take a number
don't have to stand in the same line for 2 hours. Use the online
appointment system if you can. It will save you an hour or more of
waiting, though the earliest appointment is often a week away.

I went in yesterday (Wednseday, December 11th, 2002)
to the San Jose DMV office. Got my Clean Air Decals
in under 2 hours, without an appointment. I went in at a less busy time,
2:50pm. With an appointment, especially in the early morning would
likely be even faster. I waited and hour and half to get to the desk
and the processing took less than 10 minutes. They knew what they were
doing it. Still poured over the procedures book. But I didn't have to
correct them or explain what an Electric Vehicle is.

I was warned by the supervisor to put the decals on the vehicle
according to the directions that come with decal. She said that
putting the decals in the wrong place WILL get you a ticket from
the CHP.

You do not need plates. I wrote "dealer" in the plates location of
the form.

Your vehicle registration (VIN #) HAS to be in the DMV database
before they can process the application. It HAS to say E
(I.e. Electric) for MP (Motive Power) in the registration. If
it doesn't, you'll have a hassle. You'll need to get your dealer
to straighten it out. You might be able to get a vehicle
inspection and some special process from the DMV office supervisor
but I wouldn't count it. Get the registration corrected! It needs
to be done anyway (Smog, fees, etc..) and is a process they understand
better. Much less hassle in the long run.
Your dealer can help you with the registration. They can get a
printout of your registration using their special dealer system
us lowly citizens and vehicle owners don't have access to. Dealers
can esily verify if you registration is in the DMV system yet.
If in doubt, get your dealer to check your registration to make
sure it's cleared and that the VIN #, make, Motive Power - Electric,
Owner name, etc. are all in the DMV system and accurate.

Use form REG 1000 . You can fill out the pdf version from the dmv
website and type in all the information using Acrobat reader. Then
print the nicely typed form. Then you're all ready for the DMV clerk
to zip your application through.
REG 1000 info
REG 1000 form .pdf
REG 156 IS OBSOLETE! Unfortunately, not all the DMV offices know
that yet (Particularly, Santa Teresa). So as a backup for bureacratic
archaelogy, You might fill out a form REG 156 and take
with you also, in case they insist, even after you politely inform
them that it is obsolete and they should use the REG 1000 you already
handed them instead. :-;
Obsolete!! REG156

Mailing your application in directly to the special processing unit
is the easiest way but will take around 2 weeks, maybe more. Up to 4
DMV California Clean Air Vehicle Decal info page
Here's the address that I have for mailing requests to the DMV:
New address:
Special Processing Unit
Mail station D238
Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

Obsolete Address?:
Note only difference is mail station D238 vs. A238 is this real or a typo?
Special Processing Unit
mail station A238
Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. box 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

The CHP / DMV are interested in "mis-applied" Clean Air Decals,
I.e. decals applied to ineligible vehicles. The license plate
is probably enough to report a mis-application. If you can get
the Make, Model of the car and the location where it was sighted,
that would help. If it's parked, read the serial number of the
Clean Air Decal and include that in your report. I guess the CHP
is the place to report. There are contacts in the DMV but they
don't enforce and it's probably better if we save their time
for other issues.

The DMV (Kathy, etc.) contacts are known to a number of
Electric Vehicle drivers. I'm not repeating them here since
I believe it's best to contact them only when we have issues
that only they can help us with. This is a tiny bit of their
responsibilities, so it's best to use them wisely. This email
has some of the best information that we've recieved from them.

Thanks to the many others Tom Dowling, Will Beckett, Jeff Church,
The Kirsch Foundation, etc. who have researched this issue and
published their information saving us all significant time and
hassle. The information in this email is largely a collection
of their efforts with my recent experience added.

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