RUSSCO Safety Electric Vehicle Battery Charger


Model Battery chemistry List price Intro price
SC 18-120 Flooded Lead Acid $525 $485
SC 18-120 SO Sealed Lead Acid $585 $545
battery temperature option any $40 $40

Recently announced:
192VDC 240Vac 3.6Kw for $750
Will be available at 9/20/97 Stanford Electric Vehicle Rally
Features presumed similar to other models.


Type AC to DC Current & Voltage Regulated
Voltage, Input 110-130 VAC, 60Hz
Voltage, Output(1) 80 - 170 VDC Adjustable
Amperage, Input AC 15Amps Adjustable
Amperage, Output DC 12.5Amps Adjustable
Power 1.8kW
Battery Temperature Cutoff(2) 50C = 122F
Mounting Holes 6 #10
Size 7"D x 6 3/8"H x 10 1/8"L
Weight with Cables 18.5 lbs
Warranty 1 year

(1) Optional boost transformer available

(2) with optional battery temperature sensor

The RUSSCO Charger provides on-board charging of both flooded and sealed lead acid battery systems of 84 to 144 volts. The battery charger operates off standard 120 VAC. It provides a constant current to 80% charge, then reduced current to finish, and the SO model has the added shut off.

Convenient features include a pre-wired, 25 foot, #12 AWG AC power cord, prewired DC cord terminating in a 50 A Anderson connector and easy front panel adjustments for AC current, DC battery voltage taper and charger shut off at finish. A built-in 3 1/2 digit LCD DVM monitors AC Line Current, AC Line Voltage, DC Battery Current and DC Battery Voltage.

Safety features include ground fault interrupt protection, power-on indicator, AC line circuit breaker protection, DC fused output, electronically regulated AC line current limit at15 A AC, soft-start up, overtemp protection, and fan cooling, A high power factor with low crest factor lowers AC line peak current while increasing line current duty cycle, reducing AC line equipment heating and lowering radio/TV interference.

Battery packs of 84 V to 12O V may be charged without a boost transformer. The charger is expandable to 144 V systems with an optional boost transformer.

An optional battery temperature sensor is available for an additional $40 which reduces the charger output if the battery temperature rises to a preset level.

Will ship UPS within US.

Russ Kaufman
designer, manufacturer and distributor
RUSSCO Electro-Mechanical Engineering
POB 3761, Santa Rosa  CA   95402-3671
Ph and fax 707-542-4151

Bob Wing's comments

I beta tested the first 120 Vac model with my 120 VDC battery pack of 20 Optima sealed batteries. I found it very useful but suggested to Russ that for sealed batteries we need another pot to adjust the maximum shut off (SO) voltage. This is the model I have permanently mounted in the MGA along with a 220 Vac Zapi charger.

I use one of each, the 240 Vac Zivan which is isolated and the 120 Vac Russco on one side of the same 240 V circuit. I can get 32.5 A for the 120 VDC battery pack when 240 is available with a neutral. I have not tried it yet on 208 Vac.

If I am current limited on the ac supply I can use either the Zivan or the Russco charger depending on the voltage available.

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