The AC Propulsion Electric

AC Propulsion EV  GM EV1 
Size  4-passenger  2-passenger 
Performance  0-60 in 6.2 sec(1)  0-60 in 7.9 sec(2) 
Range  80/100 miles(3)  50/70 miles(3) 
Efficiency  145 Wh/mi(4)  145 Wh/mi(4) 
Charging  Reductive(tm), up to 20 kW, plugs in anywhere  Inductive, 6.6 kW, requires special charge site 

1) Road & Track, 7/95
2) Road & Track, 4/97
3) Urban/65 mph as measured by AC Propulsion
4) Combined urban, 60 mph, as observed by AC Propulsion

Four passenger, front wheel drive, battery powered, electric sedan

Drive system
Motor type Air-cooled, AC induction design, 12,000 rpm
Torque (0-5,000 rpm) 225 N-m 165 ft-lb
Power (6,000-12,000 rpm) 150 kW 200 hp
Motor controller Air-cooled, voltage fed, IGBT, integrated regenerative braking, traction control, speed control
Transmission Direct-drive, fixed ratio, no clutch or torque converter

Energy Storage
Battery 28 OPTIMA spiral wound, lead acid, 12V, 45 amp-hr modules, 336V nominal pack voltage
Charger Reductive(tm) Charger, integrated with controller, 20kW max output, GFI compatible, unity power factor 
Range 80 miles urban, 100 miles at 65 mph
Charge rate up to 100 miles range per hour of charge time

Frame Steel unibody with integrated central tunnel for battery mounting
Body Steel body with composite rear wheel skirts and full undertray
Suspension Front and rear: independent double wishbone with sway bar at front
Steering Non-assisted rack and pinion
Brakes Front: vented disc with 1 piston caliper; Rear: drum with integrated handbrake
Wheels Alloy, 13" x 5.0"
Tires Goodyear Invicta GLR, 165/70R13

Curb weight (incl battery) 1475 kg 3250 lbs
Battery weight 550 kg 1210 lbs
Weight distribution, F/R
Wheelbase 2570 mm 101 inches
Track, F/R 1475/1465 mm 58.1/57.7 inches
Length 4070 mm 160 inches
Width 1700 mm 67 inches
Height 1350 mm 53 inches

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