The Long Ranger(tm) by AC Propulsion Inc.

Range extending trailer for electric vehicles

The Long Ranger(tm) range extending trailer converts an EV to hybrid mode for long trips. The efficient, high specific-output, gasoline-fueled genset maintains battery charge, allowing unlimited driving range at speeds as high as 75 mph. Proven over more than 20,000 highway miles.
Preliminary specifications for Long Ranger(tm) III 
Output power  20 kW DC up to  7,000 ft elevation 
Output voltage  240-390 volts 
Maximum output current  60 amps 
Dimensions  48" long (from hitch), 48" wide, 30" high 
Fuel  unleaded gasoline 
Fuel capacity  9.5 gallons 
Engine  Kawasaki 500cc, 2 cyl, DOHC 4-valve/cyl, liquid-cooled 
Operating speed  7,000 rpm 
Drive  direct 
Alternator  proprietary design 
Controls  electronic servo generator, remote start and stop 
Maximum sustainable speed (without battery discharge)  60-80 mph (varies with vehicle) 
Highway fuel economy  30-35 mpg (varies with vehicle) 
Total trailer weight  300 pounds 
Trailer chassis  tubular steel frame with torsion-arm suspension 
Trailer alignment control for backing  automatic trailer system uses a proprietary sensor to maintain trailer-to-vehicle alignment and to avoid jack-knifing while backing 

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